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10-02-2003, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Fire Bobby Clarke
To all you Heatley bashers...RELAX

People have to remember he is still a kid...and from past expiriences kids *uck up. I hope people don't bash this kid because he is a very extremely talented hockey player and from what I have seen in interviews a really nice down to earth kid.

I am not knocking Snyder but people always tend to make someone with major injuries in a same vehicle car crash a victim and the driver a villian.

As soon as snyder stepped into the Ferrari do you think he was saying "hey Danny make sure you do the speed limit" he wanted to ride in a know what I mean.

Bottom line is, this was a very unfortunate accident and I hope both players recover well and in Snyders case I hope to see him play hockey again.
it is the drivers responsibilty to make sure he obeys the law. heatley did not. its a shame that you can not see that heatley deserves to serve a long jail time. the good thing about it is he is in georgia not where hockey is NOT king. Where justice is served, heatley deserves to rot in jail and think about the crime he commited. yes we have all done stupid stuff in our life but what he did was careless. i dont care if he is a nice guy. he commmited a crime and shold be punished. just because he can score 50 goals does not give him the right to do what ever he wants!

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