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08-05-2010, 12:05 AM
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seeing if you can borrow some goal equipment, or possibly your goalie or some goalies he knows may have some used gear for sale. there may be some ads up at your local hockey arenas for goalie gear.

not all of us are making the kind of money 'fluffy bunny' must be making and can afford 'the best of the best'.

you should be able to get a used set somewhere for under $1000, may even around $500 or less if you are really lucky. don't really need anything new except the jock. don't even need the mask - the right helmet with a goalie cage on it is good enough - on gsbb look up 'calling all combo wearers' to see some of the helmets and goalie cages some use.

i got my first set of goal equipment from a goalie that was retiring from the game and have upgrade somewhat over the years and i still wear a 'combo' (helmet with goalie cage).

gsbb is a good site - could check out their classifieds area. you also could take a chance and search kijiji and craigslist in canada and the u.s. and probably be able to find a full set of goal equipment for a good price that someone is willing to ship outside their city - and there's always the ever popular ebay. i'd suggest a play-it-again sports or other used sporting goods store, but with you in florida i don't think you'd find anything there.

can also check clearance areas on various online hockey stores and you may luck out if you are the right size - is one; i'm sure others have some other online suggestions for deals.

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