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10-02-2003, 02:29 PM
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Why is everyone so afraid to take a chance with a trade? It's not like trading Primeau immediately sweeps away our chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

I think Flyer fans overrate Primeau. Let's face it, many players can do the things Primeau does. You favor Preems just because he wears orange and black.

Most claim that his checking and defensive ability cannot be replaced in Philly. His checking is pathetic for his size. He hugs players and follows them into the boards. Recchi and Roenick can check better than Primeau, and they are much smaller. We also have this guy Brashear, if you have forgotten.

He's good defensively, I agree. But guess what? So is Roenick, Recchi, Kapanen, Brashear, Handzus, etc. Would his presence really be that sorely missed?

And DO NOT claim that he's some great captain, please. Most of you were crying that JR should have the C just a season ago. JR would make a fine captain if Primeau left, and I'm sure some of you think he'd make an even better one.

Why trade Primeau? WHY NOT? Our offense has lacked, there's no denying it. If Perreault can give us an offensive boost, great. Pick him up. If Yanic doesn't seem to fit in with the Flyers, then oh well. Worse things have happened.

Trading Primeau would not be quite as devistating to Philly as you make it sound.

PS: With Primeau traded for Perreault, that frees up about 2 million dollars per year. Should Therien get picked up via waivers, that's another 2.5 million or so freed up. With that extra $$, I think we should spend it on Boucher.

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