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08-05-2010, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by angry pirate View Post
This is exactly as should be expected. The Habs think Price is going to be their Number one and believe in him so they are trying to sign him to a 3-4 year deal while his value is still low from a less than stellar, below expectations year.

Price's camp know that after last season he's not going to get top dollar, and with Niemi only getting 2.75, are chasing after a shorter 1-2 year deal so he can hopefully rebound, have 1-2 great seasons and then cash in.

I predict a 2 year deal on a very good cap hit. Price will get his short term deal, but will have to accept less money than he's asking for right now. If he wants 2 years he won't get a raise is my prediction if he does it'll be small and inconsequential . If he accepts 4 years than it'll get him someplace between Niemi and Halak numbers.
totally agree. With the previous reports claiming that Price was looking for a long-term deal and Gauthier shorter, my interpretation of the situation was entirely different, but now that we have factual information rather than speculation, my conception of the process has changed entirely.

It looks like the Halak trade didn't change anything in terms of negotiation power in relation to dollar amount which everyone claimed that it had. What we see now is a really common situation with players that have had the type of seasons Price has had(see Plekanec last year).

From an agent/player standpoint, the shorter term deal is the ideal one because let's face it, playing hockey is a job and you need to maximize earnings. If Price signs a long term deal at a fair amount now, he could be potentially losing millions of dollars than if he just signs a shorter term deal at lesser money and performs extremely well(especially when you consider how much cap room the Canadiens have next year).

On the other hand, it is important for Gauthier to get Price to sign at a lower cap hit for longer and have his performance exceed his salary...this is how you succeed in the cap world. So it's extremely easy to understand why the negotiation is taking so long as there is a disagreement with both parties, unlike the Plekanec situation where both parties were looking for a short deal and come to an agreement fairly early. Someone will eventually budge.

I don't think the situation would have changed much whether or not Halak was here or not, it seems as though that Price and his agent are well aware that if he plays stellar this year he will get a big raise, I think his camp would have sought a short term deal regardless of when we traded Halak, heck maybe he wouldn't have signed at all because of lack of stability in terms of playing time.

I think the Gauthier gave Price more negotiating power because of the halak trade is completely overplayed. Also, from this report by Price's agent himself, it seems as though every reporter's speculation has been wrong from the beginning where they claimed he would be seeking big bucks for long term(Halak money).

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