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10-02-2003, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by temporary pencil

Don't get me wrong, he showed an awesome courage when he came back from cancer and was a real inspiration for the whole team. Koivu is a very hard worker who gives everything he has on every shift. I don't think anyone on the Habs roster gives as much effort on the ice as Koivu does.

But, what makes a good captain? Certainly Koivu has great qualities... but...

The Canadiens last year were as far as you can get to a "team". Players fought in practices, the team was separated into a lot of small groups who rarely interacted with each other... and, well, pretty much everything we heard about that dressing room was a horror story. The players had ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for Michel Therrien, so much that after a while no one listened to him anymore.
This is a silly topic. People speculate and base things off the media which has proven to be far from accurate. Yes, the Canadiens were a "horror story." According to who? The media. The media in Montreal has a lot of pressure to come up with new stories to appease the many hockey fans' lust for gossip, so why not blow stories out of proportion?

Even if there is some semblance of truth to what the media reported (which I'm prepared to believe), how does this come as a surprise? Look down the roster for Montreal. Take a look at how many of the players have had a history of being terrible team-players and being individuals on teams. There's a long list of those types of players. In fact, those types of players are in the majority and the quality leader and character players in the minority.

Stick Yzerman, Messier, or any other "quality" captain like that in this team in addition to Koivu, and you'd see the same infighting, underachieving performances you saw from Habs last year.

The captain is also not responsible for getting players to listen to Therrien. Again, individualistic players and underachievers will not serve well under any coach -- much less a rookie coach whose style is best suited for a tough hockey team.

Originally Posted by temporary pencil
Not to mention some comments that Koivu made that could just... make you shake your head sometimes. Like that thing about Garon playing better than any goalie he has ever seen... wonder how Theodore felt about that one.
I would be weary of any such quotes. The media in Montreal does try to create stories, you know. And in their stories, when they get juicy quotes such as this, we aren't privvy to the question Koivu was asked.

Anyhow, the only things I remember from Koivu regarding Garon is that he stated Garon kept the Habs in the game on a few occasions and had played unbelievably in some instances.

Originally Posted by temporary pencil
Do you think that Steve Yzerman or Scott Stevens would have let crap like that happen to a team? I even heard rumours about the Habs considering to give Quintal the captaincy at some point, although I don't know if that was true and I don't think it would have solved anything.
Again these "rumours!" This one sounds like a 110% rumour. They've had it in for Koivu along with a few other journalists for whatever reason and have fabricated rumours like this.

From the little I have seen, Koivu works with youngsters well, makes players around him better, gives it his all on every shift, is clutch, is fiery, is able to get on his teammates for a lack of effort. But he's not able to do it all. The fact is, Koivu looked like the sole NHLer playing with AHLers at times last season. And that's probably fairly accurate -- at least character-wise. There's little support for Koivu talent wise or character wise in Montreal, and that's why the team is seemingly lacking leadership.

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