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08-05-2010, 02:56 PM
sherwood sniper
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Not really. It depends on a lot of factors. Most of the low flex sticks are used by forwards as they generally use more wrist and snap shots since there always being pressured by the D and need a quick release. Therefor more flex is desired, the more flex, the faster the puck comes off the stick. Opposed to defencmen who primarily take slap shots. With the long wind up every one knows a shot is coming and more weight is applied to the stick during contact with the ice. Therefor needing a higher flex stick to increase overall velocity of the shot instead of quickness.

Another thing is the length of the stick. Most forwards use a shorter stick to increase puck control in tight. The shorter you cut the stick, the more flex decreases. Same goes for adding a plug to the end of your stick, makes it longer so it increases flex.

Then you can add all the normal factors such as height, weight, and so on.

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