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08-05-2010, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Brizz5 View Post
I want to improve. I feel my shot could be alot harder but I have no idea what types of workouts are best for stronger shooting. I had my chances but it felt like I was just fluttering the puck and they were easy saves for the goalie. I started working out just lifting, but to be honest I don't think it's working much. Is there a different approach to working out I should be taking to building hockey strength? I don't care how my arms look, I want max performance. Are there any hockey specific workouts I can do to gain arm and shooting strength?
Forearm curls and wrist curls will help, as will overall chest/arm/shoulder/core strength, but if you really want to get stronger at shooting pucks, you have to....wait for it.....shoot pucks! Seriously, shooting as much as possible will do wonders. Grab some of the videos posted in the other threads about shooting to make sure your technique is correct, and just keep shooting.

Also, of course I want to improve my hands. I work out every day with a few drills with a ball in my basement. Side to side, quick "dribbles", toe dragging around objects, anything I saw online. What are the best approaches to working on your hands? What are the best products (green biscuit, ball, wooden ball, etc.) for working on your handling? Are there any drills that you do that you find effective that I should try?
If you can do it or have access to it, stick handle a weighted puck or even the smallest plate you can find, which are usually 2.5 lbs. I tried the weight after seeing Datsyuk doing it, it's amazing.

I ran cross country track for my first two years in high school (I'm now a senior), so I feel I have a good foundation for leg strength. Stamina isn't really an issue. It's the quick turns and changes of directions I really want to build heavily on. Are there any drills I can do on skates or flat land (not on skates) to help with changing direction and getting good first strides quickly?
Google off ice hockey agility drills. You'll find a lot of good stuff to use with cones, or if you want to spend a little more money with footwork ladders. You'll learn different drills to use that emphasize footwork and speed.

Also, at times I would take faceoffs. I was able to win a few, however I found when the ref would sort of throw the puck down more than drop it, I couldn't win the faceoff due to the bounce. Are there any drills that are effective for winning faceoffs? I use the backhand grip and watch the puck in the ref's hands, yet the bounces cause me to just whiff at the puck.
In cases like that, work more on tying up the other center and using your feet. You can kick a puck much more easily than try to bat it with your stick blade, but you have to keep the opposing center out of your way.

I love the game and just want to improve. This is my first time really "working out" for hockey, so I really need some tips and advice. Thank you for any tips and/or advice you guys can give me in advance. I've lurked here for a while and know some of you are really good players, so I feel confident I can get help here. I'm really committed to working hard to be the best player I can be in the game I love.
If you google hockey workouts, or workouts for hockey, you'll find a wealth of information. If you have access to any coaches or former players that played higher levels you may be able to find a little more specific and face to face instruction than what we can offer here. I started figuring out how to work out for hockey on my own because there just wasn't any other way to do it for me, but keep researching and googling and eventually you'll find plenty that works for you.

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