Thread: News Article: Gross: Frolov will play on top line
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08-05-2010, 07:21 PM
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I think that by far the most humorous concept that Rangers fans have concocted and perpetuated all summer is the idea that Christensen can only play center to Gaborik. If he isn't playing center to Gaborik, he is incapable of contributing to the team... and this is supposed to be an NHL caliber player.

When exactly have the Rangers not tried to put together the absolute best 1st line they could right out of the gate? When have they not tried to come as close as possible to a legit first line as they possibly could on day 1? Who is capable of putting up more points and creating more scoring chances for his winger... Christensen or Prospal? Who is more talented? Who did Gaborik play better with and have more chemistry with? Who has a long history of putting up points and playing on top lines? EC had 5 goals 16 pts in his last 23 games (14 of those games being pointless) playing with Gaborik (to rave reviews). Prospal had 9 goals 15 pts in his last 23 not playing with Gaborik and coming off an injury (to woeful reviews).

I'm quite sure at some point all of Christensen, Prospal, Anisimov, White and Dubinsky will center the top line in Torts quest to find/recapture that ever elusive chemistry. But it would be sort of surprising to see a player of Christensen's caliber (who was a move out of desperation) to be immediately put on that first line. That's kind of like calling it quits before the thing even starts.

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