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08-05-2010, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
You are a bit pessimistic and i understand that being a long time Nordiques fan myself. But The way i see it, with all the political good will right now is this: The city 50 M, the quebec government 100 M, the fed 100 M, and the naming of the arena 85M. The conservative really need the region of Quebec if they ever want to win a majority. Charest said often that Québec has to have a new Arena. The private funding will come with the naming rights. Labeaume said in an interview that he asked for 400M in order to get less after negociation. I have never been so optimistic about this arena.
Nah I'm not pessimistic. We are closer to have this arena than we have ever been.

But I know pretty well that people expect to see this happening too quickly.

Charest has repeated every times he talked about this arena so far : private funds will be needed. Don't worry, PKP knows it too. Quebecor presented their project to Charest... I'm pretty sure they talked about this arena . But Quebecor would prefer not pay much for it. That's why they are waiting and not talking about this arena in public.

But about the feds, yeah I'm pessimistic. I just don't see how it would pass in english Canada. Yes the feds have given money to other cities in the past. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary for example all received (or will) money for different important sports events in the past... But nope. It doesn't matter. Quebec needs to obtain events to get financing too.

We'll see...

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