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08-05-2010, 08:59 PM
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So suddenly, after scuffs and fluttering crap, I found the stick flex and hard shot by accident...tell me if I'm right on my approach.

I found before, I was hitting down on the puck, and the blade was hitting the board like this, closer to the heel:

▄ \
(ice view, from behind me)

1.) I opened the blade up, and made contact with the ice more like this, on the outer half of the blade

▄ |

almost to the point it felt like this:

▄ /

I found some consistency with the puck just behind my left heel (righty), up about a foot and a half.

With the open blade, I could feel the stick bend, and the blade almost give the puck an extra whip at the end, where I could turn the blade over to keep it down.

A few other things I noticed:

Looking at the puck up until the stick hit the board made a huge difference...I tend to not focus on things...but it does pay off sometimes with my good peripheral vision

Keeping my right elbow near my right hip also seemed to help in transferring the my weight into the shot.

And, turning the head and squaring the shoulders towards the target as the stick hit the puck also really helped, especially transferring the rest of my power through the elbows into the hands.

If there is anything that doesn't sound right, let me know, but it sure as hell felt right, for the first time.

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