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Originally Posted by Matt4776 View Post
I am looking to start playing hockey, and I am going to start with Roller before I get into ice. First off, what is the main difference between composite and wood sticks? How tall should they be on my body when I stand it up?

Also, I am a righty in everything I do. Does that mean I shoot righty? I always assumed that but some guy told me that would mean I shot lefty.. which makes sense because there are so many left-handed shots in the NHL. On the website I was on looking at sticks, a lot of them are only available in lefty shots.

All help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks :/
Someone once told me, the top hand should be the same hand you would hold your sword with .

The reasoning is, that's the hand that has control on the stick, and never leaves it.

I'm right handed, and started shooting right handed at a young age, so I'm never changing it, although retrospectively it may have helped a little. I convinced my friend using that logic to go lefty, and I think he's had a lot of success with it.

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