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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
One factor to consider that can work for and against Staal's asking price is his 2 brothers...

1) On one end, he could have some sibling rivalry going... While we can agree he'll never be worth Eric Staal money, his brother Jordan is making $4 mil a year right now... I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to trump that with his next contract, regardless of his current contract status (no player elected arbitration available and thus no leverage)

2) On the other hand, Staal's parents and extended family are probably already set for life, based on the $$$$ that Jordan and Eric are already making... You have to imagine that his parents have probably retired or can retire and that the families immediate financial meets are taken care of... So whatever money Staal is asking for, in large part, is probably going to him....
Both Eric and Jordan have already won a cup and play a position that over the past few years have become overridden with average talent. If Jordan Staal was traded to the Rangers he would be their top EVERYTHING.

Jordan had 49 points last year playing on the third line with essentially nobody. He only had FIVE power play points.

Eric has scored 70 points or more every year since his rookie year. And since his rookie year has had 397 points in 398 points.

On another note, a lot of posters are saying that the Staal's want to play together.

Pittsburgh would be impossible. They have no cap room or space at the blueline. They have Orpik, Letang, Michalek, and Martin locked up long term.

So, you say, then Marc would want to go play in Carolina with Eric.

Look at their roster.

Their team is in a worse position than the Rangers in terms of rebuilding and they are in a very small market. Moreover, this whole idea that Jared Staal is going to make it into the NHL is a pipe dream. He simply is not that good, and his trade was probably more a favor to Eric than an actual prospect move.

Marc wants what he is worth, and when Kris Letang received 3.5 a year at the age of 22 then Marc deserves atleast that. 4-4.5 is fair, especially if we can lock him up for 4+ years.

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