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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
Seth, I pulled the above from your post over in the Panthers thread.

I found the two things I bolded especially fascinating.

Was Santorelli so much worse than Arnott defensively (as a center) so as not to get the same opportunity? Or was this more a situation where Arnott was a known quantity, and a veteran, so he gets a pass?

Let's make the question more general. Will a young center, who's much more skilled offensively than defensively, be given a chance to succeed and grow in the Trotz system (think Steven Stamkos-like)?

Santorelli may be a bad example, but you get my point. There's a pretty interesting case study that could be made with these four players:


All four are/were considered to be very offensively gifted. Legwand adapted and became a very good two-way player. All of the others have been, or appear to be, squeezed out of Nashville. Peverly has gone on to show that he is a very good player. If Santorelli and O'Reilly do that as well (certainly not a given), does that bring even more credence to the question?
Not to be argumentative, but I don't think Peverly has gone on to prove to be a very good player; serviceable, yes, but lets see how productive he is when he no longer has a top 5 offensive player on his wing.

Yes, Arnie got a pass; so did Dumont. As long as their offense was at a high level. Kids never got that chance. But we saw how things changed for JP after his O slid; Arnie would be harder to move down like that but Trotz woulda' found a way if he was here this year.

As for the implication of our guys developing, I think that depends on Trotz. I believe he has had no choice but to pursue a D-first, 2-way responsible system to have a competitive team. we only had one year where we really had a team with enough firepower to play differently. I think we're moving again in that direction - a better O-skilled team. We might not have true 1st line guys like we had that year, but we have upped our O skills throughout the roster considerably. So, perhaps Trotz philosophy evolves, perhaps not, in which case if you're not a power-forward type like Wilson, you best evolve your game into a solid 2-way player, or your not coming up as a C in our system.

However, don't you think the league as a whole is shifting more in our direction, particularly as teams get in tighter financial situations? With limited resources, seems playing really good D enables you to stay in games and gives you more chances if you just can't outscore the other guys.

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