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08-06-2010, 09:56 AM
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Another commerical from me.

*Cut to Jack's BBQ where Random Preds Staffer is sitting across from Samuel L. Jackson (Memphis).

*Staffer* So, Mr. Jackson, what do you think you would bring to the Preds?

*Jackson* Oh I'll tell you what *AUDIBLE BLEEP* I would bring. I would bring some *BLEEP* passion. I'll bring some *Bleep* excitement! I will *BLEEP* make the *BLEEP* fans stand up on their *BLEEP* feet. And why the *BLEEP* do I keep *BLEEP* getting *BLEEP* Bleeped?

*Staffer and Jackson looks to GNASH who looks like he's got an Easy button in his paws. He pushes it and the *BLEEP* comes back. Staffer takes the button away from GNASH and hand him a $20*

*Staffer* Gnash, go buy yourself some BBQ ok?

*GNASH gleefully takes the cash and walks over to the counter. Cut to Action scenes and the pushing of 770-PUCK.*

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