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08-06-2010, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Turboflex View Post
It is possible, and the Liberals did a decent job of slashing some federal spending and firing civil servants, but a lot of it was also smoke and mirrors (cutting military budget to unsustainable levels & uploading some expenses from federal responsibility to provincial budgets).

The Conervatives have been spending a lot, you can at least say it's less than the USA, also you can't completely blame them since they were pushed into the big "stimulus" by the opposition parties as well, they had no choice or the government would fall.

Jim Flaherty is a moron tho I can't believe he hasnt been fired yet.
Another reason why the Liberals were able to run surplus' and pay off debt is the fact that the economy at the time was booming due to the influx of high-tec, which of course had nothing to do with the governing practices of the Liberals.

Btw the frivoulous spending of the Conservatives are in large part due to the so-called 'coalition opposition' cornering them into spending to help save the Canadian economy.

Im pretty synical when it comes to politics, very few politicians have any regard for the people and only care for their own re-election. Buying seats, which is what this arena funding appears to be can be added to a long list of goverments (regardless of party) trying to get re-elected by any means necessary.

Unfortunately the Conservatives at this time appear to be the only party that has any ability to properly run the country, the Liberals are still a mess and the NDP are a joke.

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