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Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
We'll agree to disagree, I guess. Bartulis, while not great, is a young defenseman who could easily fill the #6 role. Pairing him with O'Donnell would help him learn the ropes and do him far more good than sticking him back in the AHL for another year. Who was the last defenseman the Flyers actually developed? The way things are going, and with the stupid deals made this summer, it's going to be a very long time until and if we ever see it again.
Agreed to disagree about what? Parent, Krajicek, and Bartulis all looked like lost puppies in the PO's. 1 is gone. 1 probably will be and 1 will be in the press box or on the Phantoms. That is 2-3 guy who need to be replaced. Kuato is confused. Where is the disagreement?

Kuato likes Bartulis. At least he did early on when he looked fairly capable. But he's unproven and cannot be counted on for anything.

Originally Posted by CharlieGirl View Post
Spending a significant chunk of the salary cap on defense, while not addressing the goalie situation is completely irresponsible.
Irresponsible? Do you not comprehend that at least two goalies turned the Flyers down? Homer tried to improve in iet. You make it sound like he did not. It is not his fault if a players says no. So he did the next best thing, bulked up the D.

It is called having a back-up plan. If one cannot improve where needed most (debatable whether it was actually the D or in net), you go to the next biggest need.

Homer has ****ed up this offseason about as well as anyone could. The Flyers are not better than they were last year
F'd up? Good lord! He improved a weakness! Sure the games have to be played, but on paper they are far and away better defensively. Their defense was so thin last year, we actually all but stopped playing a whole pair. That won't happen this year.

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