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08-06-2010, 02:03 PM
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Bartulis would have been perfectly fine if he wasn't playing along side defensive sieves for partners, with a year of seasoning under his belt and next to a stalwart vet like O'Donnell Bart would have been solid for 12-15 mins a night, probably more solid than a scrub like Walker will be. Also, even if he wasn't good, who cares about your 6th dman in September? That is a very common thing to easily upgrade at the trade deadling.
Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Spare Kuato this unfounded nonsense. You cannot say "he would have been fine." We simply do not know that. You cannot predict how he "would have played" if "maybe" his partner was different. We simply do not know what would have happened.

Then, you say "who cares" anyway, if he wasn't any good? You are really trying to cover our back with this one, huh? You are closing off any counter arguments. Well Kuato cares! Our weak 3rd pairing was a glaring weakness.

Not to mention, you are actually ignoring Bartulis' own shortcomings. You are making his deficiencies all about other people, not himself. Kuato doesn't go for making excuses and finger-pointing.

Two goalies turned Homer down after getting seriously lowballed, then Homer turned around and before free agency even started threw money at Leighton. Leighton is the 2nd highest paid FA tender this offseason, was ANYONE else in the league going to sign Leighton AT ALL? Let alone for that cap hit... epic failure. He also didn't even inquire about my personaly favorite FA this past offseason, Chris Mason, who btw, is only making .25M more than Leighton next year on a bad team where he may be splitting starts, you don't think he would have preferred it here?
Yes, yes Kuato knows it's all Homer's fault. Always is. First he spends too much money, then he lowballs FA's. Make up your mind John Kerry! (Kidding btw).

Kuato does not know if you noticed, but Nabakov priced himself out of the league and Turco did not sign until recently. Obviously these players were holding out for more money, to the point they probably overvalued themselves.

Let's be honest here, this was not all Homer's fault. Come on my good man, Kuato is all for some good conversation, but that is impossible if all you do is finger-point and only look at one side of things.

As I commonly mention, and Meltzer recently put it very nicely as well, the pangs of this cluster**** of an offseason are going to be majorly felt next offseason when we are letting Carter or Giroux get offer sheeted (although an offer sheet for Carter would be A-OK with me, personally) and we STILL don't have a goalie.
You want to discuss the salary cap? Then let's do so, but you have to be able to compartmentalize when having a conversation. Homer is not a good cap manager - that much is obvious. However that does not mean every player he acquired as a bad signing. That is very narrow-minded, childish thinking.

Kuato would have been perfectly fine trading Carter in the off-season btw.

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