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08-06-2010, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by CHill Seeker View Post
exactly you don't care, so why the **** are you here in the first place?
FAR worse franchises, fan bases and markets remain in MLB. it wasn't the fans or montreal not being a pro city - that lost the team. it was corrupt carpetbaggers than ran the franchise, a greedy league without revenue sharing etc.
montreal is not an NBA town, it might be more than vancouver, but it isn't really. and apologies to TO hab fans, i don't know a single raptor fan in montreal. maybe people will go maybe not. still can't imagine raptors being able to 'tap' into montreal market as canada's team. just like the Bjays are trying. it won't work. the majority of spos fans either left MLB altogether or became red sox / yankee fans
LISTEN bro, I really do miss the expos, I wish they had built the model labatt stadium that was proposed. I loved the Unis, the history, Jarry Park. I hope Montreal, and the rest of Canada for that matter, gets more pro sports and events. I just think it's ignorance and close minded people that pushed away the expos.

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