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10-02-2003, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by jincargo
Semin isnt going anywhere...

And If he does...I start shooting bananas.

Haha...sorry...I just wanted an excuse to use the new smilies!

In all seriousness....Semin is proving that he should stay. The ones that have not seen him play just dont understand how good he is. People on other boards are like "Well he needs more time...he's small...he's not ready" I really dont think these people have seen the kid play. His vision on the ice and anticipation of the play is amazing. He moves the puck well reguardless of where he is on the ice. His shot is amazing...and he's not afraid to let it rip. Granted he hasnt scored yet...but the goals will come with more playing time.

There is no doubt in my mind the Caps will keep him here this season. Ive been watching the Caps for 18 years....I cannot remember being this excited about one player...ever. Bondra always had an allure to him...but never anything like this at this age.
I have yet to see Semin play, so I'll reserve personal judgement, but even from reading about him I haven't been able to formulate a clear opinion on him. This is what seems to be clear about his game:

-his shot is incredible
-he is phyiscally overmatched at times
-he has speed but hasn't shown it

It seems he has goal scoring skills, but to what extent? At times from what I've read it seems like he has good talent, but nothing extremely special. At other times, like after reading jin's post, it seems like he's the next Bondra (40 goal scorer). So maybe he'll be something in between the two, ala Jeff Friesen. Will he be a marginal goal scorer who will wallow in 25 goal mediocrity or be a game breaker with potential to become an elite NHL goalscorer? I'm a bit confused.

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