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10-02-2003, 03:29 PM
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Miller and McGuire on Ched

HA! McGuire and Miller are on 630 CHED and are talking about Colorado. Neither one is convinced that they are so great. Specifically they say that the D is weak and the quote of the day is.

"If Martin Skoula was playing in Edmonton he would get booed off the ice. They booed Poti out of town. Skoula is a poor man's Poti"

They also had interesting things to say about Granato. Neither thinks that he is up to the coaching level of the rest of the Western Conference and they say that he got killed by Lemaire vs Minny last year in the playoffs.

They also pointed out that the only 50 goal scorer in the league last year will likey start out on the bench during power plays because of all the people they have to satisfy! Crazy.

Oh, McGuire just mentioned that Semenov is going to be the suprise impact player by the end of the year.

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