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10-02-2003, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
Sundin IMO is a horrible captain, then again I never really liked him. He seems to control the team and what players to keep.
LMAO. Yeah, that is it. Sundin has not once ever done anything of the sort. It's funny that people are mentioning Sundin as a bad captain and are making certain assertations, but for the most point are completely off base.

IMO, if a player is not physical, does not yap to the referee, and does not wear his heart on his sleeve, then he is not CAPTAIN material. At least that is what the consensus on this board would like you to think.

Someone mentioned that Sundin never carried the Leafs over the hump. Sundin carried the Leafs for YEARS. He was surrounded by horrible, atrocious talent and he brought the likes of Steve Thomas and Jonas Hoglund back from the dead. The man did it for close to a decade. He has lead the Leafs in points, 8 of his nine seasons. In goal scoring, 8 of his nine seasons. The Leafs have made it into the Conference Finals twice in the past five years. They have been ousted by New Jersey in the second round twice in that same stretch (you know, the same Devil that won the Cup twice in the past five years and lost in the finals one year).

Sundin put up 49 points in 55 playoff games over those last five years. (Even though has played through injuries in a couple of series - re: vs New York Islander in 2001-2002)

Owen Nolan as a Captain ? The same Owen Nolan that reportedly was a malcontent in San Jose, while he was Sharks captain mind you ? The same Owen Nolan who does NOT compare to Sundin in regular season OR playoff performance ? Not now, not early on in their careers, not ever. But then again, he's a good Canadian kid (yes, I know he was born in Ireland), whom Don Cherry would love, so HEY, HE MUST BE A GOOD CAPTAIN!

Gary Roberts would be a good captain. However, it's ironic - because Roberts was one player that was vocal about ice-time and roles on the team. He was the one that went to the media and causes an uproar (for a week or so). Sundin was recieving less ice-time too, but he didn't go behind Quinn and complain directly to the media.

Sundin is not an amazing captain, but he is nowhere close to a bad one, and he is the best one for the Leafs.

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