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08-07-2010, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Yeah, that's what I believe too.
Like I said, that was basically Stefan Della Rovere last year, and what is he going to be in the NHL?
I'd say 3rd line at absolute best.
And Cormier was starting to begin his elbowing phase, and we know how that turned out.
Even Kadri brought somewhat of a physical game, he was pretty chippy and picked up a 10 on a great but illegal hit in international competition.

I'm pretty sure Kassian can keep his head if he makes the team.
I mean, it's him or Brad Ross, and they are somewhat equal statistically.
Ross had more PIMs and a couple more points, but he was playing on Portland's top line this year, while Kassian was playing with a less talented Petes when he was drafted.
It just seems like Kassian likes to bring it when it's a big game (CHL games or Memorial Cup) and he is more physically imposing than Ross right now.
Ross is akin to Darcy Tucker - yappy dog annoying and while not the biggest, there is a lot of willingness to do nearly anything to win. Kassian is so much bigger and even from what KB was talking about in the Red game -- he was getting moved around to get other guys going because he was finishing checks and no one wanted any part of him. I'm sure there will be some outcry one way or the other, but if Canada is looking to impose while taking the gold away in the US... I could see them bringing both.

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