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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
I'd appreciate anyone that can provide some tips here. I can already to hockey stops both ways, but they are not sudden or abrupt enough. I play the off wing (righy shot playing left wing.)

I want to be able to race up the wing (I have good speed), forcing the defense back, and then hit the hooks, giving a second or two to slide the puck into the slot for a streaking center or winger, or take a quick shot or do a soft dump.

look at Kovalchuk's play at 2:55 here, that's what I'm looking for.

I constantly work on my stops, but I just can't execute something like that. What do I have to do, is there a certain hollow on my skates that would make it easier? Do I just need to force myself to stop shorter and shorter, taking falls as they come?

Thanks in advance.
full speed from blue line to goal line dead stop at the goal coach at 12? used to make me do that constantly. FULL SPEED stop on the goal line. by time i was 15 i could spray snow 3/4 up the glass.
remember FULL SPEED.then after you master the stop, you go full speed BACK to the blue line. and stop there. facing the same direction. do this over and over.
you'll be an excellent stopper, and transitioner before you know it.

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