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08-07-2010, 11:07 PM
So it begins
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
We dont know & may never know whether Glendale or Reinsdorf pulled the chute Whilee. IMO, it was JR, not the COG. Couldve' been over the $65M combined with a reluctance on the part of Ellman to enjoin with the CFD, any number of factors. Glendale was more than familiar with IE & its' difficulties; no, if they have been "fiddling" as you speculate, it may be a cover for subterranean negotiations or discussions with 1 or 2 other parties. "Never say never", but I have a hard time believing Reinsdorf would be revisiting unless theres' been some sort of deeper fundamental change to the arena bond issues, change in the NHL's latitude with respect to pricing & or terms, a blockbuster TV deal thats being kept under wraps, whatever....
Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
You might be right, Killion, in which case things are a bit bleaker for the Coyotes' future. If it was simply a matter of Glendale trying to get a better deal from IEH, and having failed to work that out now going back to Reinsdorf, then things might move ahead. If Reinsdorf actually wants a better deal, then it will put an even more enormous burden on Glendale and the Westgate businesses.
guys the only way any of this makes sense to me is if JR did in fact walk away from the deal in earnest (pick your reason of the many available... CFD issues....Ellman getting cold feet etc etc). i think the only way the CoG granted exclusively again to IEH is out of sheer desperation and that would be caused by JR walking away legitimately. i don't see the CoG bluffing and playing hardball with JR and trying to use IEH as a threat....they know JR would see through that. the only explanation that makes sense is that the JR deal fell apart for real

however we shall see.......allot of time left between now and December and even more time between now and the end of next season when they would be forced to make a decision....does anyone think December is really a drop dead date....why December when it would render the balance of next season lame duck and potentially expose the NHL to losses that would exceed $25 million if the fans stopped turning up? i have always felt that date is a bit hinky

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