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08-07-2010, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by David_99 View Post
Why do I keep remembering that it would be illegal for Glendale to own the team? Back when it was still Jim vs JR vs IE, then Jim vs no one until the NHL stepped in, I remember people asking "Why doesn't Glendale just buy them" and I'm certain there was a justifiable reason that nixed that option and it was put to bed. All of a sudden it's an option again. What exactly am I remembering?
COG had no funds to "buy" the team (barely "breaking even").

Originally Posted by GHOSTofMAROONSroad View Post
What possible relevance could any of that have to this thread?

That there may be a "two billion dollar annual economic machine" that would revitalize the entire region, financially. Them that has entertainment options (and venues) might expect more attendance, etc. (leading to adding $$s in city and private bank accounts)

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