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08-08-2010, 02:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Sluck13 View Post
Acording to cap
the Anaheim Ducks have aproximatly 13.5 million in cap room
whilst the Toronto MAple Leafs have around 2 million

I have spent a while thinking a bout this trade and I think I have come up with a deal that helps both teams

has only 1 big flaw in there team and that is there Defence, Anaheim only has Two defence left on there team aswell as a few promising prospects but in this deal I am offering a way to complete there top 4
Anaheim will recieve any 2 of

Francois Beauchemin
Tomas Kaberle
Mike Komisarek
Carl Gunnarsson

Anaheim also recieves a strong Prospect Keith Aulie whom they can use as a 5th or
6th line defenceman

In exchange for the two Defenceman Toronto recieves Bobby Ryan

and in there side of the Prospect swap is Matt Belensky

so the Trade looks like this
Toronto gets
Bobby Ryan
Matt Belensky

Anaheim gets
any of 2 of
Francois Beauchemin
Tomas Kaberle
Mike Komisarek
Carl Gunnarsson
Keith Aulie

Both prospects are exchangeable or removable if need be

why they do this

Anaheim has 2 defence man signed to contract and wether they want 2 reliable guys like Beauchemin and Komisarek or if they believe they can resign kaberle then he is the way to go, and if they want a younger player then they would want to grab Gunnarsson.
Anaheim has many options in this deal to complete there top 4 and an option of a future top 4 or a 5th or 6th man in Aulie

Gets a great player that will fit in great with Kessel
they also recieve a future top 6 forward in the deal
Toronto can afford to lose 2 defenceman because of our great depth in D
If this trade was done Leafs still have
Phaneuph,Schenn, and the 2 Defencemen that were not given away in this trade make up the top 4
and then lebda and a prospect to complete the defence
This proposal sucks for the Ducks and its Beleskey, not Belensky. Your whole post has grammatical errors and its pretty one-sided but I'll stop there and just say the Ducks give a big "no thank you".

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