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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Other team had the puck in their zone and a big guy was carrying the puck up along the boards. Our (much smaller) player was skating in to play the puck and ended up catching an incidental elbow to the head which dropped him unconscious to the ice for 20 seconds. The other guy wasn't even phased and just kept skating with the puck.

The ref closest just stood there watching for a good 5-10 seconds while we were yelling from the bench to blow the whistle. Eventually the other ref blew the whistle.

Finally, the guy comes to and is standing up. Then the idle ref skates over to him and then proceeds to assess the guy who got KOed an interference penalty. Didn't even check to see if he was okay.

Dude catches an elbow in the mush, sent to dream land, and is sent to the sin bin for his troubles.
Wow, that is pretty weird. As an aside, is there any more of a **** sandwich play than getting fouled and then being called for a penalty? Happened to me once in a championship game. I went into a corner hard with a defenseman and the puck popped out. During the fight for the puck he had grabbed my stick. No big deal, technically it's illegal but it happens all the time in that kind of situation (I do it sometimes too)...

...but he wouldn't let go of it!

So I end up in a tug of war for my own freaking stick, and sure enough "TWEEET!" Two minutes for God-knows-what.

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