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Originally Posted by Blackjack View Post
lol, that's ****ing terrible

Probably the weirdest thing that happened to me was at the end of a game that we lost. The team I was playing on had 3 or 4 skaters that were real SOBs and would chirp at everyone, and do dirty little things on the ice. I've never been interested in that stuff so I would just ignore it and play my game.

So anyway, this particular game was out of reach, in the last minute or so, and I had the puck along the boards in my own end. Their forward decided to take some revenge, so he checked me into the boards (non checking league). It wasn't too hard, if fact, I didn't even realize he had done it on purpose, but then he started swinging at me. I realized what was going on and started cracking up. He was punching me in the helmet and cage with his gloved hand, so it was kind of like being in a pillow fight. I didn't punch back or even try to defend myself because I was laughing too hard.

Back in the locker room my teammates were ripping on me whole time we changed, calling me a pacifist, French, all that stuff

Edit - One more I just thought of from when I was playing a game in a Hockey North America league:

I had just recovered the puck in the defensive zone and since I have a hard time getting my head up while carrying the puck, I took it behind our net so I could survey the ice. Well, I get back there, stop, and look up, and there are three forecheckers coming at me! The best part is that when they were about 30-40 feet away, they were all looking at each other like 'uhh, isn't this too many guys on the forecheck?' so I just lobbed the puck up to the red line and we ended up on a two-on-none and scored the winning goal.
Those are both funny. You still play HNA?

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