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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
While Pale Ales are my favorite I have lately gotten into the Wheat beers with a big juicy orange slice... Blue Moon is big around here lately and found on many taps; great for the summer. I am a huge Microbrew fan and usually detest Macrobrews... the Bud/Miller/Coors of the world... but on Fridays at PJ Whelihan's they have a $2.75 a pint special on Shock Top -- I have no idea why that name on a lighter type beer???? -- and without knowing it was a Michelob product I started on it. It is a Wheat served with an orange slice like Blue Moon... I enjoyed it, although not a good as BM in my book... I later Googled it to find it was put out by Bud under the Michelob brand. Could it be that the AB takeover by that Euro company and the expansion of their type beers has actually has a positive effect?

I am a firm believe that the least of the Microbrews, fresh on tap, is better than the best Macrobrews... Fresh, quality ingredients brewed by caring people -- as Microbrews most always are, as they are not in it for the 'money' -- always trumps the mass-market beer, IMO... The exceptions are the quality high output Micros such as Sierra Nevada and Boston Brewery/Samuel Adams, etc. who pull it off while going country-wide and high output. Yuengling for the most part in a somewhat local product gives great bang for the buck IMO... While I am not a fan of their signature Lager -- not being a lager fan, more an ale person -- I thoroughly enjoy their Black and Tan. It is extremely affordable and a great beer when I having many... such as at a party or BBQ. It is inexpensive and far better than the usual beer at that price range. BTW; Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the best lager out there, IMO, and especially on draught and with food.

Microbrews at a microbrewery/restaurant are pretty much a can't miss proposition, IMO, with very few exceptions. You can taste the attention and quality ingredients that are there. At times the personal style is not quite yours, but they are still better than most mass-market beers at on most taps. I love to sample various micros and styles and quality beers from various countries... there are so many good ones out there; I'll never understand how some people can stick with the same old, same old time and time again... but I respect their right to do so and never out them down for it.

Good thread, great topic... glad I found it.
As some have mentioned with the Blue Moon, you should try Hoegaarden with an orange slice... it is miles better than Blue Moon, though a bit more money. As far as domestics go, Michelob is my favorite. Shock Top is a pretty good beer for the price. I discovered Michelob Amber Bock at a Flyers game (the game where we slaughtered Toronto in our WC jerseys and Briere hit his 500th point and Carcillo scored one of the prettiest goals I have ever seen). Anyway, me and my friend went to the Wach early to get some beers before the game and they had this deal where all domestics were $4 or $5 before 5:00 so we asked what their best domestic was and the bartender gave us Michelob Amber Bock and I have to say that it was thoroughly good. So out of all mass-produced domestics, Michelob actually makes some good stuff. We got there at around 4:30 and managed to get 2 $5 Michelobs each before 5:00 when we switched over to Hoegaarden. Yuengling is also a great domestic, and their Black and Tan happens to be one of my favorite beers as well. When the average 6 pack in NY is $9 dollars and i can pick up one for around $6 that tastes as good as Yuengling B&T does, it's not even a question.

I also agree with your points on microbrews. Much more thought and care is put into a batch of beer when you have people that actually mix the mash themselves without automated machines being programmed to do it. My absolute favorite restaurants are the ones that brew their own beer, especially the ones that let you sample everything they have.

You have very good taste in beer, my friend. I'm glad you're enjoying the thread, I thought it would be hit or miss, I'm glad it was the former.

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