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08-08-2010, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Actually, I need very little education about the CBA. He clearly misunderstood my point. Simply that if they are hard up against the Cap during the season, the only way to add anything via trade is to send salary back. If they send 5m in (albeit prorated) salary one way for 6m (prorated) coming back, they'd send 1m to the minors (again, prorated and aka Eminger or Boogaard or whoever). That would obviously come into the equation with whatever trade was made.

My point was simply that having Avery on the 4th line making $1.9m wouldn't make any more of a difference, in terms of the Cap, than Boyle making $550k on the third line instead, as long as they're under. So why preclude that possibility if Avery is the better option for that spot than someone making less?

After training camp, you don't make lineup choices based on the Cap.
Sure you do. If there's no trade market for certain players, and you're not willing to send them to the minors, it will certainly affect the rest of your lineup.

That last sentence is really very short-sighted.

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