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08-08-2010, 03:18 PM
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Someone posted this earlier in the thread, but for beer league players that dont know the game positionally and are just starting out, buy NHL 10/11 or whatever and go into be a pro, and follow the arrows around where they tell you to go. Way too many times do players either cherry pick around the d zone, or do the polar opposite, chase the puck around, leaving the points open.

In the offensive zone, this is less helpful, because there is more required. For starters, MOVE YOUR FEET WITHOUT THE PUCK. This will help get you set up so much better. So many times do I have the puck, looking to make a play, and my wingers are just standing in one spot waiting for me to pass them the puck. Always be moving, if youre just going to stand in one place, the defensmen are going to take away the passing lane by the time I am in a position to pass the puck. If you want to stand in the slot for a pass, sont just hangout there, by the time the puck gets there, youre going to be tied up. Stay along the half wall, or behind the net in the corners ready to help out in puck battles, be watching the play, and when you see your teammate just about ready to be in a good passing position, THEN you sprint to the area where you want to receive the puck. This way, the defense doesnt have time to react to you, and they dont lift your stick, block the passing lane, or knock you off the puck because they know its coming. Feets. Move them.

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