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08-08-2010, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Atoz View Post
Brooks is not a Sather hater. Brooks is a Ranger hater and he has been for at least 30+ years.

Most of you don't go back that far but Brooks was the Post beat writer for the islanders and became so enamored with them (just like Fischler) that they gave Brooks the Cup to take home as if he were a player. And he has been anti Ranger ever since.

He has been forced to be the Ranger beat writer because the other old time beat writers like Hugh Delano are gone and the Rangers dominate NY hockey.

Brooks revels in Ranger failures and when the Rangers won in 1994 Larry Brooks still wrote a negative column on June 15, 1994 if you can believe it.

Brooks spins everything negative with the Rangers.

What if Wade Redden plays well this training camp? Well what if the f***ing ayatollah gets Bar Mitzvah'd?

If Wade Redden raises his game because he's about to be forced into retirement then where the hell was he the rest of the time? If he suddenly gets good enough to barely make the team then I'd hate him even more than I do now.

Very few specific things that Larry Brooks ever predicts come true. He's right up there with those fake psychics. But you can guarantee that anything that Brooks predicts will be bad for the Rangers.
Again, maybe its time to criticize Brooks a little less and pay more attention to how this franchise has been run the last 15 years....and really, how its been run the past 70 years.

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