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Originally Posted by fire bettman View Post
As some have mentioned with the Blue Moon, you should try Hoegaarden with an orange slice... it is miles better than Blue Moon, though a bit more money. As far as domestics go, Michelob is my favorite. Shock Top is a pretty good beer for the price. I discovered Michelob Amber Bock at a Flyers game (the game where we slaughtered Toronto in our WC jerseys and Briere hit his 500th point and Carcillo scored one of the prettiest goals I have ever seen). Anyway, me and my friend went to the Wach early to get some beers before the game and they had this deal where all domestics were $4 or $5 before 5:00 so we asked what their best domestic was and the bartender gave us Michelob Amber Bock and I have to say that it was thoroughly good. So out of all mass-produced domestics, Michelob actually makes some good stuff. We got there at around 4:30 and managed to get 2 $5 Michelobs each before 5:00 when we switched over to Hoegaarden. Yuengling is also a great domestic, and their Black and Tan happens to be one of my favorite beers as well. When the average 6 pack in NY is $9 dollars and i can pick up one for around $6 that tastes as good as Yuengling B&T does, it's not even a question.

I also agree with your points on microbrews. Much more thought and care is put into a batch of beer when you have people that actually mix the mash themselves without automated machines being programmed to do it. My absolute favorite restaurants are the ones that brew their own beer, especially the ones that let you sample everything they have.

You have very good taste in beer, my friend. I'm glad you're enjoying the thread, I thought it would be hit or miss, I'm glad it was the former.
I was taking a shine to your taste also... And I agree that Yuengling Black and Tan gives the best bang for the buck that I ever saw... The twelve packs, bottles or can, are a steal. Walk into a party or picnic with some of those big boys and you not only look good, but you have more money to splurge on the over priced Microbrews on other occasions... Plus I find that I can drink them all day long; to me it is the perfect party beer. I also find them as bargains at places like Fuddruckers where they are slightly more than their soft drinks.

I am usually long winded... But I can really go on and on about beer.

... And I will have to try Hoegaarden; thanks for the tip.

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