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Originally Posted by RangerFan10 View Post
Who cares, at the end of the day the odds of this type of blockbuster happening in the NHL are like 1 in 1,000. On top of that it makes no sense from a business perspective, he's pretty much the face of this franchise. Unless you're trading him for Crosby, why?


and lol @ Kovalchuk being a franchise player.
Oh gosh. "LOL @Kovalchuk being a franchise player". I guess some are quick to forget about the 6,000 "move heaven and earth to sign/acquire Kovalchuk" threads. But I guess grapes easily go sour when he signs with a rival team. Afterall its easier to accept not getting something if "we never wanted it anyway" lol. Anyways, we should just save the franchise tag for players that actually deserve it, like Marc Staal, that is if half of the NYR posters here didnt already label him a "franchise" defenseman.

Some of you are just silly. I mean, I remember seeing about 4 months of "steer clear of the glassman" and "hell no to Gaborik", not more than a year and a half ago. But once he's NYR property, opinions change quick. I just wish people could be more consistent with their opinions.

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