Thread: Twitter: Mike Ribeiro on the block?
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08-08-2010, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by ________ View Post
A local person in Bob Sturm who has some connections within the organization said the Stars would love to trade Mike Ribeiro and was trying to find out why Ribeiro didn't have trade value, he did mention specifically Souray's name.
I listen to The Ticket a lot, especially BaD Radio, so I feel like I can read Bob Sturm pretty well and I think you're putting too much into what he says. Sure, the show has traveled with the team, but he is far from being 'connected' in any meaningful way to the inner-workings of the organization. I can buy that he and Ralph are well acquainted, but I really don't buy that he has much more knowledge of personnel decisions than the average person. He also reads message boards (such as this) and rumor sites, so him 'specifically' mentioning Souray's name is more or less meaningless. It's more likely that he saw countless 'EDM/DAL' trade proposals on HF with some sort of linked tsn article than it is that he heard it 'from the inside.'

Originally Posted by ________ View Post
I am very interested to hear what Razor or Stangis says on the Ticket after Ribeiro is gone if it is via trade or after his contract is up as either one will mention about some of Ribeiro's problems, far more then Heika said.
I definitely feel that our hockey journalism in DFW is wanting, but rumor-mongoring isn't the job of the local beat writer. I bag on Heika as much as anyone, but I don't fault him for doing his job; i.e. reporting on facts and not perpetuating rumors).

Originally Posted by ________ View Post
Anyway if Ribeiro's kept it could hinder the development of both Wandell and Benn who the Stars want playing center.
Wandell shouldn't be projected higher than 3rd line center for the foreseeable future. Regardless, Ribeiro is a solid enough center that you don't trade him just to make room for the development of younger guys, one of which is a converted winger.

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