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"generally captain duties on a beer league team aren't much like those on a competitive team."

yes, being a beer league team rep. is more of a pain in the ass than just being a captain of any team - you are more of a g.m. with all the hassles and none of the perks.

get your regular's money up front before the start of the season. with any spares - get the money for the game in the dressing room before the start of the game; no money then tell them to go home.
i don't say this to be a jerk, but you don't want to spend all your time trying to get money owed to you. the majority of guys are good to their word, but there are enough free loaders out there to make your life miserable.

if you are redoing and printing out a schedule from one with all the teams in league's games to one of just your own team's games to give to your players - double check it before printing it out and photocopying it.

sponsor - if you have one they may give you a little bit of money or possibly a set of jerseys. if it's a bar, they will probably want at the minimum a handful or more of your players regularly showing up there after the game.

jerseys - always good to have a few extras especially if your team's colours are unusual and you have more than a few spares; if you don't have enough you may find some the right colour at yard sales or thrift stores, or if some of the players on your team are able to sell/loan extras of their own even better.

try to get guys to tell you or phone you when they aren't going to be there - many say they will, but few do. few is always better than none though.

if you are playing d, get one of the more reliable forwards to organize the forward lines (or vice versa). decide on lines/pairings in the dressing room before you hit the ice.

find out if your regular goalie is paying anything - i've heard it varies between paying nothing, paying full price, and paying 1/2. when i took over the team the goalie was paying 1/2 or just under. make sure you know when you goalie can't make a game well in advance if possible so you can find a substitute. if possible have a long list of spare goalies because many won't be available for the games you need them. find out if you have a player on your team that plays some goal, he will better than nothing if you can't find anyone at the last minute.

listen to legitimate gripes about other players on your team, but remember usually the one(s) doing the most frequent *****ing are usually the ones causing the most trouble.

don't go with less defence just to make sure the forwards have even lines - better to have an extra centre or one less centre (especially if your centres are above average forwards in good physical shape) than not have enough defence. 3 defence is definitely too few especially when playing against a better team. when we had 14 players show up, i personally didn't mind the 5 defence set up (unlike a previous poster).

remember you can't please all of the people, all of the time - the trick is to quit trying.

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