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08-09-2010, 03:04 AM
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Its all personal preference. Easton is by far the most popular brand but theyre just okay to me. The Best sticks I have ever used are the Bauer one90/one 95 in terms of all around feel. The puck felt better than any stick I have ever used on those two models, it felt like I was in total control of it at all times. The stick felt great as you were passing or shooting, and had a very good shot.

The Reebok 10k for me is the one that has become my go to. Admittedly, the puck doesnt feel nearly as good on it as the Bauer, the blade feels stiffer, and you get less puck feel, but with the right mechanics, wrist and snapshots leave this stick like an absolute gunshot. It is the only composite I have ever used that noticeably increased my release time and velocity vs another similarly priced stick, the puck rocketlaunches off this thing. For me, that was worth the decreased puck feel. I have enough puck skills, that I know where the puck is on my stick, even if it doesnt feel like the puck was meant for my stick like it does with the one95. I am not really a dangler, so I didnt need any more puck feel than that, but the able to release the puck that much faster, and shoot it that much harder was something that I felt improved my game more.

That is not a knock on the one95 shot. It let me have a very good shot, and every stick in that range will let you have a very good shot. But for me, with the RBK, I had a gunshot. You said you have a good shot, so if a lot of your game is based on your wrister and snapper, I would recommend this stick. If you are looking for a better all around performer, you might want to try something else though. If you love the slapper, I would recommend the one95. I took my best slapshots ever with that stick, but slappers arent something my game is built upon, and if I need to take one now, which is rare, the 10k still provides you with an acceptable one, but nothing over the top as far as the slapshot goes, unlike the one 95, which really lets you lock and load.

I used the Vapor stick and it did nothing for me, so its all personal preference. I hope whatever stick you pick meshes to your game real well.

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