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Having run beer league teams for the last 15 years, the biggest piece of advice I can give is DONT DO IT

Now if you still want to do it remember this:

some guys just ***** about everything

some guys show up all the time, and others hockey is the thing they do if they don't have anything else to do

Get your money before the season starts

I usually add an extra $20-30 to everyone's fees and I use that to buy the beer every week ( nothing worse than the guy who is supposed to buy it and doesn't show up)

beer league refs are there for the $50, I have seen more icings waved off than I can remember. (and I'm a ref) so don't ***** at them. the more you complain the more they are gonna f@#$ yo over.

everyone has to go to work the next day, try to keep games on the lighter side. I find that from the beginning of the game if I joke around with the other team it puts everyone kinda at ease. who really wants to go to work with a black eye, right?

remember if you have young single guys and older married guys on the same team that their reasons for playing are different. old guys want a night out away from their old ladies, young guys are gonna miss games just for the chance at getting laid. so plan accordingly.

some guys have mentioned about how many guys to have on your roster. personally we carry about 18 guys. for the maybe 2 games a session that everyone shows up the limited amount of whining that happens its worth the knowledge that most games you will have enough skaters on a week to week basis without having to chase down subs. most guys are gonna tell you last minute that they cant make it. how many people do you know that you can call an hour before a game to come and sub?

a great locker room is more important than a great hockey team. There are no scouts in the stands. Our youngest guy aged out of juniors about 2 years ago. one of our dmen was a goalie in the A until he got his knee blown out. our oldest is 45. we have a wide mix of skill level. most of our guys are athletes. they may have just not played much hockey. I even have a couple of guys like happy gilmore, great shots but cant skate for sh^t. But we are like a family, guys are tough on each other on the ice, because we expect to play well. when we get to the locker room its just a bunch of buddies drinking beer. usually the rink manager has to kick us out of the room so they can go home. 22 y/o's and 40 somethings hanging out BSing.

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