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08-09-2010, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
I'm kind of surprised at the level of disrespect being levied towards beginner players here...

If there is the option of splitting up play by talent in divisions, by all means, newbies can register in a lower division than more experienced players. But some leagues(like the one I play in, for instance) only have a handful of teams and do not afford that luxury.

I've never looked at playing with a newer/inexperienced player as a burden, but an opportunity to be helpful. I remember a time where I was learning, and having experienced players help you out and take you under the proverbial wing, so to speak, was always appreciated.
I think it's more directed to the leagues where talent is spread out. I play at one rink where there are 10 divisions and a few seasons ago we were given a guy who was an absolute beginner. We would have been better off playing shorthanded. I've been playing hockey for 16 years and I DO NOT want to play with beginners. I'm paying $300 or more to play hockey and I am not getting paid to teach nor is learning how to play hockey with players who are much better than you the proper way to do it. I started from the bottom as well, I played a lot of pickup, I played a lot of street hockey to get better. I did not just plop myself on an intermediate team and hope the other 4 guys out there would carry my ass up and down the rink for 60 minutes. Pay your dues, if you're new to hockey simply look at the standings and figure out the lowest league or ask the rink-if they try to place you in any division except the lowest refuse and walk out. As you have read on here the majority of intermediate-advanced players DO NOT WANT to play with beginners. Beginners should play in beginner leagues, is that too much to ask? If you're at a rink where this option is not available again I'd refuse placement, play pickup, hire a personal trainer, play street hockey, take power skating classes, get better and then sign up for a league. These players would be better off paying for power skating classes than league fees in most cases.

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