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Originally Posted by Kuato View Post
Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Spare Kuato this unfounded nonsense. You cannot say "he would have been fine." We simply do not know that. You cannot predict how he "would have played" if "maybe" his partner was different. We simply do not know what would have happened.

Then, you say "who cares" anyway, if he wasn't any good? You are really trying to cover our back with this one, huh? You are closing off any counter arguments. Well Kuato cares! Our weak 3rd pairing was a glaring weakness.

You know who else has a weak 3rd pairing? Everyone else in the league, most teams even have a weak 2nd pairing. There is a reason they play 12-15 mins a night matched against the other team's bottom 6 lines, there is also a reason they only make .6-1.2 mil/year and those reasons are the same.

Not to mention, you are actually ignoring Bartulis' own shortcomings. You are making his deficiencies all about other people, not himself. Kuato doesn't go for making excuses and finger-pointing.

I am not making excuses, I am stating facts. Bartulis was perfectly fine last year and, imo, played well above expectations considering he was a rookie and as a prospect was never considered much. When evaluating defensemen you HAVE to take into account their partners, you did this in the other thread when you were blinded by Richard's decreased assist numbers affecting his point total from last season due to poor linemates.

Yes, yes Kuato knows it's all Homer's fault. Always is. First he spends too much money, then he lowballs FA's. Make up your mind John Kerry! (Kidding btw).

Kuato does not know if you noticed, but Nabakov priced himself out of the league and Turco did not sign until recently. Obviously these players were holding out for more money, to the point they probably overvalued themselves.

He spends too much money on positions that the team does not need (5th dman, enforcer) and then lowballs our BIGGEST need, goalie. Just because Turco is now making 1.3M does not make the 2M he was offered BEFORE HE WAS ALLOWED TO TEST THE MARKET any less of a lowball offer. The fact is Homer probably only even tested the Turco and Nabokov waters to satiate the less hockey knowledgeable fanbase and never had any intention of pursuing them for very long (as evidenced by signing Leighton before the market opened).

Let's be honest here, this was not all Homer's fault. Come on my good man, Kuato is all for some good conversation, but that is impossible if all you do is finger-point and only look at one side of things.

Let's be honest here, WHOSE FAULT WAS IT THEN?!?!

You want to discuss the salary cap? Then let's do so, but you have to be able to compartmentalize when having a conversation. Homer is not a good cap manager - that much is obvious. However that does not mean every player he acquired as a bad signing. That is very narrow-minded, childish thinking.

When did I ever say such a thing? O'Donnell was in fact the PERFECT signing. A solid, physical vet who can play 15 mins a night without being victimized by coaching matchups on the road when Lavi doesn't have last change? That is literally what everyone on this board was clammoring for this year, the quintessential 3rd pairing dman. I am not thrilled by Shelley, but I understand and accept the "Flyer mentality" that caused him to be signed, 1.1M to play 40 games and 5 mins per game isn't making me lose THAT much sleep, neither is 4M for Mes, it is the combination of the high contracts that cost us Gagne this year and someone of import next year that gives me nightmares.

Kuato would have been perfectly fine trading Carter in the off-season btw.

Agrudez agrees; however, 4 high draft picks next year sounds real good, too.
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