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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
And here we are. On the one hand optimism, on the other pessimism. Who's right, whose wrong?. Nothing the league has said would lead me to believe they are willing or able to drop the price. If they were/are, I think Jerry Reinsdorf would own the team right now. "Mystery Buyer's" likely have the same difficulty, reconciling the disparity in sale price with actual value, a willing COG in its creation of the CFD, but so many unknowns. It may well have been a "Freudian Slip" by Ice Edge's PR guy when he stated "we are working towards buying the team from the NHL first", as they knew/know just how far Glendale can go, the real difficulty being the $170M & counting shock sticker price. . Does the problem lie with Glendale or with the NHL?. Maybe IEH's backers are willing at $90M-$110M based on their own capitol infusions & the CFD; but the numbers just dont wash at $170M+?. This is what I mean by "ambivalence" from the league. If they wanted a deal done, it'd be done by now, accomadations made on price & or financing.

Note; And yes, league brass is smart, though I prefer "crafty". Instead of makling said accomadations, they are hiding behind the COG's skirts practically holding up a pair of Bunny Ears, blaming them while demanding $25M for its failure to secure an owner?. Wag the Dog much?. Where's the give & take?. Why arent they all at the table to thrash this thing out?.
Killion, to reiterate, I agree that the selling price for the Coyotes will remain firm, if for no other reason than the fact that this would set a strange precedent for the NHL to directly subsidize the maintenance of a team in a city, and its owners. My speculation is that the NHL extended the deadline past June 30 only because they hoped and anticipated that Reinsdorf could close the deal with Glendale. Remember, at that point only Reinsdorf had an MOU with Glendale. It seems to me that would have been the time (after the Reinsdorf MOU) when the NHL would have moved on the franchise price, if they were inclined to. However, when Reinsdorf pulled out (or was pushed out by Glendale) and the focus shifted to IEH I think it is fair to say that the NHL's public stance on this became decidedly diffident.

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