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08-09-2010, 05:58 PM
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The Bisons have officially announced the commitments of returning Bison and former WHL d-man Myles Rumsey and former Terrier Zach Tully, as previously noted in this thread. [PRESS RELEASE] That's quite a D the Herd is building. Now if they could just recruit Sidney Crosby. How's he going to earn a living after retirement without an education?

Don't forget, the Bisons will face the Brock Badgers on September 24th and 25th at the Max Bell Arena and the Moose prospects on September 29th at the Iceplex.

And here's a summary of the commitments and rumoured commitments as complied by Fan of the Vreds at HF:
  • Regina
    Forwards - Matt Strueby, Terrance Delaronde, Tyler Penny, Lucas Isley, Brett Laffler, Cody Esposito
    Defense - Jordan Reeve
    Goalie - A.J Whiffen

    Forwards - Del Cowan
    Defense - Dane Crowley, Jeremy Schappert, Zach Tully
    Goalie - Joe Caligiuri

    Defense - Jesse Craige

    Forwards - Mitch Czibere, Johnny Lazo, Matt Meropoulis, Lindsay Nielsen, Zack Dailey, Alex Rodgers
    Defense - Jarrett Toll, Drew Nichol, Ben Lindemulder
    Goalies - Kurtis Mucha, Linden Rowat

    Forwards - Matt Wray, Bryce Lamb
    Defense - Mike McGurk, James Isaacs
    Goalie - Torrie Jung

    Forwards - Craig McCallum
    Defense - Ryan Funk
    Goalie - Ryan Holfeld

    Forwards - Cameron Lamoureux
    Defense - Mason Conway

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