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Originally Posted by FreddieBisco View Post
You sure love to pick and choose meaningless points and make stupid assumptions.If Poms joined a basement team he would score more, because he'd be given more ice-time seeing as he would be on a garbage team.

Let's go through your "sweet" list.

# of 60 point seasons:


So let's see, Poms has the most 60+ point seasons, is at the top with Richards in terms of 2 way play and is also the most durable.Good job adding a ELC into there champ, you really love twisting numbers don't ya, you should work for the IRS.Richards makes 5.7 over 12 years, really good comparison

Drop the whole vendetta, Poms would be your best player if you got him for a 4th liner and a 2nd round pick.Your team hasn't had a 70 point scorer in nearly 10 YEARS
well I have to hand it to you champ, I AM a 20 year veteran of the IRS, so youre right there but that was not my list. That list was the List of the actual ten scorers above Pominville so pominvilles play determined the list not me. and I even subtracted Chris Stewart because of his ELC.

is English your native language because I stated all that in my post, I guess you just cant deal with facts

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