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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I don't think Modano had 10 though. When I say elite I'm thinking more along the lines of a consensus top 10 player in the game that year. Modano probably had to wait until no sooner than 1997 to be considered a potential top 10 player. Then there would be no more than 4-5 years where he was ARGUABLY a top 10 player.

Selanne was elite right from the get go. He would be classified as a top 10 player in 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000.
I think some people are forgetting just how good Modano was during the years Dallas was a powerhouse. I don't see any argument for Selanne being better in the late-90s unless you're only looking at points. Even then the teams they played for have to be taken into account. You weren't going to win any scoring titles playing under Ken Hitchcock's system. The offence Modano did produce, while becoming a force defensively, was extraordinary.

Now this may not be the best source, but going through THN's Top 50 list for the years I have the data for:

1998: Modano-8th, Selanne-12th
1999: Modano-6th, Selanne-9th
2000: Modano-5th, Selanne-14th
2001: ?????????
2002: Modano-15th, Selanne (not on list)
2003: Modano-7th, Selanne (not on list)
2004: Modano-23rd, Selanne (not on list)

Teemu obviously has the edge in the early years and post-lockout, but Modano was better for a significant stretch in between.

It's a tough call to pick one. I'm surprised that it's so one-sided and that some people think AINEC.

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