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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
If you look at some of the stats I presented yesterday, the PP had two stretches where we went 7 and 9 games without a PP goal. That's 16 games which is roughly 20% of the season. That's not including the 30 other games where we didn't have a PP goal. There was also a 9 game stretch where we had two 4 game stretches of no goals with a game sandwiched in between where we got one goal.

The PP was wildly inconsistent all last year. The stats can show that we went at an 18% clip from game 9 til the end of the season but it doesn't tell the whole story to me. 101 is going to work on some other stats to try and fully understand our issues. Sure, there are times when you only get a few seconds on the PP but all teams have this happen to them.

We had 3 10 game stretches where we were under 10% and two of them were under 5% and some of our stretches where we were over 20% were skewed by multiple goals in multiple games and yet we still got skunked on the PP in half the games.

The problems are many unfortunately. The faceoff dot is a huge problem. The inability to park someone in front of the net on a consistent basis is a problem, other than Hornqvist. The lack of crisp puck movement and having the other team chase us as opposed to us working really hard instead of letting the puck do the work for us. Teams lining up to block Weber yet us not taking advantage of the extra space caused by us. Our inability to win battles along the boards has been a problem as well. Oh, forgot my favorite one, shooting the puck at net is always helpful.

The last one is key and I read something about Lidstrom the other day that brings this to light. Lidstrom doesn't always shoot to score but to provide rebounds for his guys. He has the ability to shoot the puck at the goalie and get a rebound to go in a direction he would like and in doing so, is able to find an open teammate. Obviously this isn't the soundest of strategies I'd like to see used all the time but it does provide scoring opportunities. Suter, Weber and whoever else is back at the point could learn some of this technique but the guys on the half boards are going to have to learn where to be to find these types of rebounds. Whether this is coaching, instinct or a little bit of both, I'm not sure of but the way to get better is to learn from your opponents and what they do well.

Scoring in the clutch would be nice too. We have the inability to score big goals in big situations. We're gonna have to learn to bury chances when given the opportunity.

I think bringing in a new coach with different ideas would be a good place to start though. I think the team did fine for about 40 or so games on the PP but that is wildly inconsistent. Yeah teams have bad stretches but it seemed we had more than most, other than maybe

In those games ... how many PP opportunities were there and how long did the team spend on the PP? In the first 9 games (all I've entered into the spreadsheet so far) the team had a game without a goal with just one opportunity, one where they didn't score in three opportunities that totaled just 3:48 and one where they had 6 chances and 11:44 that they failed to capitalize upon .... but using only games with or without a PPG those count the same.

For a team that only averaged about three full PP a game we're looking at every other game on average if the team converted at 20%.

Let me finish the spreadsheet I started this morning and get the graphing done and I'll post the results. I'm tracking total goals v total opportunities (the simple % lists) as well as goals/time for 5v4, 5v3, and 4v3.

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