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Originally Posted by Armond White View Post

You really never answered any of my points, so let's just end it. We all get that you irrationally don't want any good players on your team because you already have two of them.
no I dont want players whose contract will be an Albatross on my team going forward, its as simple as that. Pominville is overpaid for his production by a million to a million and a half per season and has been declining offensively, and for that you want good assets.

look what was paid for James Wisniewski, why would any team pay what was proposed when Buffalo gets a far greater return in players and cap space

We are rebuilding its not as if we are without veteran leadership, Ice time and opportunity are valuable commodities for a rebuilding franchise, Why help Buffalo by taking on a player who takes up a signifigant portion of their cap and give up assets too when all it does is make us marginally better and take opportunity away from our own prospects?

Garth Snow has shown he will take on a contract, like Wisniewski's that is Short term and helps bring our players along, and even though Pominville could mentor our players and be a great example, the term of his contract is too onerous and would definitely steal opportunity from our own prospects, if not now most assuredly in the future, From Buffalo's standpoint yes this deal makes good sense, But from an Islander standpoint, only a fool would do this. I would sooner take Danius Zubrus from the Devils, as they pare salary to fit in Kovalchuk's salary. Zubrus isnt as good as Pominville, not even close, but the difference is more than made up for in relative cost both in players and in salary if we were to go the veteran acquisition route.

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