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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
Interesting to note that Modano, despite being more playmaker than goal-scorer, outscored Selanne at even strength, 24 goals to 22 in the 1999 season. This is a classic case of very different situations making a statistical comparison inaccurate without context.

Selanne was in a situation where he was getting virtually every second of available offensive and powerplay minutes. Him and Kariya completely carried that team, which was garbage beyond their first line. When the coach sends you over the boards with the sole objective of scoring for well over 20 minutes a night, and gives you Paul Kariya to do it with to boot, you're going to rack up points.

Modano led the Stars in scoring by a large margin, and played a lot more non-offensive minutes than Selanne. He was used often on the PP as well, but shared minutes with a few other players. He was also a primary penalty killer, and could be used in situations where a lead was being defended. Modano was arguably Dallas' most reliable defensive player as well based ice time and ES goals against numbers.

Oh, Modano also led Stars forwards in ice-time by a large margin and was their leading scorer as they won the Stanley Cup. No big deal.

And I don't see why what Modano did from 1990-96 (outside his prime) is such an issue with you. He was better than a point-per-game player several times despite breaking into the league as a 19-year old. How is this at all a negative? It's much better than what Selanne was doing from 2000-2004 for whatever that's worth, but I'm not really interested in using Selanne's down years against him. Both players gave us a large sample size of what they could do in their prime years.
Really, so now even strength goals are the main criteria here? Hart Voting in 1999 clearly indicates who was seen as the better player. I would rather finish second in scoring, than put up 80 points and be solid defensively. The dallas stars of 1999 were a stacked team full of great players, him winning a cup is great but nothing to bow down too.

Joe Sakic and Forsberg were better defensively than Modano and they still outpointed him by a large margin in 1999.

You can make any excuse you want, selanne showed that he had the ability to crack a top 5 scoring list. Modano never came close to doing this even when he was a one dimensional player that didnt focus on defense at all. Selanne cracked the top 5 as a rookie, the same year modano was at the bottom end of the top 30.

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