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08-09-2010, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Well fair enough. But let's examine things for a second. 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. That's got to be 5 seasons minimum that I would like to see someone try and find 10 players better than Selanne. Throw in the possibility of 1996 and we have as high as 6 seasons for sure. But those first 5 I'm not sure anyone can make a case with that.
I think there's too much statistical navel-gazing going on here. While Selanne was certainly considered one of the game's best forwards, he wasn't regarded quite as highly as the stats would have you believe. Reckoning's THN rankings, while hardly the gospel, serve to reinforce this point.

Modano just didn't have that sustained elite level. It was eerily similar to Sundin in the way that they were just always steady 80 point men who rarely moved from that type of production.
Modano is only similar to Sundin on the stats page. Based on watching a great many games that both of them played, it's a no-brainer to me that Modano was better. Sundin was a better goal-scorer in tight...and that's really about the only thing he did better than Modano in any area of the ice.

Yeah I hear ya, but I still fall into the category that Modano kind of left me thirsting for more. Like my above post he was similar to Sundin who irritated Leafs fans to no end by how much more he COULD have done in our minds. Modano to his credit did come up big in the playoffs but you always got the feeling that he could have used his laser shot more to his advantage. Or that he could have been more physical with his large size. Or that he could have skated the length of the ice more often since we all know what a lovely skater he was. That's just the knocks I have on the guy even if I agree he'll be a HHOFer. I just don't have the same complaints about Teemu that he didn't hit his potential.
A lot of these complaints seem to be aesthetic. Modano was really good at picking his spots, as in knowing when to shoot and when to pass. I don't think shooting more would have really been beneficial overall. Modano was tall, not really what I'd consider a "big" player though in the sense that it's usually referred to. Being sound positionally was probably more effective than being a bruiser in his case. And I must say, you're the first person I've heard claim he should have skated more. The Stars' system was not free-flowing and conducive to rink-long rushes in any case.

So I guess we can agree to disgree. While I consider Modano the better of the two, it's by no means a landslide, they are a close comparison. (Or at least I thought so, though the poll is surprisingly one-sided.)

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