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08-09-2010, 09:47 PM
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When I was "growing up" (meaning the last half of grade school, first half of the 90s) and watching/playing an intense amount of hockey, I never considered Selanne to be "better" than Modano. Not even that close, really. I think I may have been biased towards centres, or something, because I think I always considered Yzerman, Sakic, and Modano to be above Mogilny, Selanne, and perhaps even Bure.

Having seen all the break-downs of these guys here on HoH and around the boards a few times now, though, I'm convinced that it's much closer than I thought back then (and maybe Selanne DOES even come out on top, I don't know). Close enough that I'm either clicking too close to call or sitting back to see if something decidedly sways me one way or the other. I don't think simple production, or notions of peak/career values are going to suffice, either. Roles and team philosophies certainly come into this, as does the previously expressed notion that Modano DID sometimes leave you expecting just a little bit more from him (totally agree with the Sundin parallel here).

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