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08-09-2010, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ushvinder View Post
Henrik Sedin is hardly a one dimensional cherry picker, that's okay I dont think Vancouver will be trading him for Toews anytime soon. I mean Jonathan Toews defense is so great, that it overcomes the fact that Sedin put up 44 more points right?
Well, I watched the Stanley Cup playoffs. And every single second of the Chicago-Vancouver series. I'll just let the results speak for themselves.

I don't need to use stats, Modano was just good defensively. He was never on the level of fedorov, clarke, trottier or zetterberg when it comes to shuttig down opponents. Modano was basically an 80 point player with good defense. What happened when ken hitchkock left dallas, Modano's 2 way game seemed to disappear didn't it? He was no where near a selke caliber player from 2006-2009, and that's why the stars dont want him anymore, while the ducks still see use in Selanne.
Yep, lets pile on Modano for what he was doing in seasons 16-20 of his career. (And conveniently brush Selanne's Shark and Avalnche stints under the rug while we're at it).

Hell in 2000, which is supposed to be Modano at his absolute peak, Oates finished ahead of him in selke voting.
And in 2009, which is supposed to be Roberto Luongo at his absolute peak, Tim Thomas beat him out for the Vezina.

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